Our Story


Shorelys was founded in 2012 with the determination in creating new and inventive eyewear. As college students, we spent any available free time reviewing dozens of designs, materials, and functions to ultimately create a unique pair of customizable sunglasses.



The simple fact was that we were sick of eyewear with cheap designs printed on them. We've all seen sunglasses with (permanently) printed school logos, sports teams, or slogans. These shades never lasted and were always so cheap and felt painful to wear. That's why we created Shorelys. We wanted the ability to maintain the foundation of a great pair of shades but have the capability to alter designs when necessary. Now, we're able to give you what we have been working so hard on for years - your perfect shades!



The patented design and function of Shorelys Sunglasses and Clips create a flexibility like no other. Using Shorelys Clips, you are able to change the look of your sunglasses whenever you want. This is simply done by sliding the clip off one side of the sunglasses and sliding another in its place. Shorelys is the brand for you whether you want to express your fandom, show off where you have traveled or your style interests. Shorelys provides a quality product with a unique look. This quality craftsmanship is one of the most important considerations that we made clear to our investors.



Shorelys is a unisex product that can be worn with or without clips. Talk about versatility! These sunglasses are truly flexible and stylish with a timeless look.



In the past, we have bought sunglasses knowing that the price tag burned a hole in our wallet. We have also dropped those sunglasses and watched as they fell to the ground and shattered. Taking this into consideration, we wanted to work with cost-efficient materials that were durable, and so we made Shorleys Sunglasses with polarized lenses and a light, yet strong, flex-built frame.



We have worn our Shorelys since Day One - years worth of wear and tear and they have hung with us. So whether you like to hike, relax on the beach, go to concerts, play outdoor sports, attend charity events, or even wear them at night… We say go for it! Wear them like no other. That is the purpose of Shorelys - to represent you and your individuality as you live your awesome life.