• Product Description

      The sun wasn't ready.

      Sometimes all you need is a classic pair of sunglasses - a pair of "daily wears," as some might say. The Shorelys Originals come with a stylish sporty frame that's always comfortable. Whether you're out on a leisurely stroll or hiking in the Himalayas, our Originals will always be the right choice.

      Frame Material

      CP Frames

      Made with metal core for better quality, density and color while remaining light and sturdy.

      Frame Color

      Matte Black

      Frame Finish

      Rubber Frame Finish

      Made with a unique rubber frame finish which adds a durable, flexible and quality look and feel.

      Lens Color


      Lens Material

      Polarized Lenses

      Polarized lenses are extremely effective against powerful, reflective and stray light. They provide a soft, clear and unclouded view against reflective water, snow and pavement glare.

      UV Protection %


      Hinge Material



      Patent Protected

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