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Sometimes all you need is a classic pair of sunglasses - a pair of "daily wears," as some might say. The Shorelys Originals come with a stylish sporty frame that's always comfortable. Whether you're out on a leisurely stroll or hiking in the Himalayas, our Originals will always be the right choice.

Product Details

Frame Material | CP Frames

Made with metal core for better quality, density and color while remaining light and sturdy.

Frame Color | Matte Black

Frame Finish | Rubber Frame Finish

Made with a unique rubber frame finish which adds a durable, flexible and quality look and feel.

Lens Color | Black

Lens Material | Polarized Lenses

Polarized lenses are extremely effective against powerful, reflective and stray light. They provide a soft, clear and unclouded view against reflective water, snow and pavement glare.

UV Protection | 100.00%

Hinge Material | Metal

Exclusive | Patent Protected

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